What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "FloorRaise™ system?

It is The Loft Doctor’s unique system for maximising your energy efficiency, by raising the boarded storage area to a height to maximise your own loft’s insulation efficiency and helping create a safe strong loft storage area.

Can I have the FloorRaise™ system installed in my home , if it’s a new build or an older built home?

Yes we can fit our FloorRaise™ system in all properties and comply with all building regulations.

Will the FloorRaise™ system save me money off my heating bills?

Absolutely, it maximises your insulation and energy efficiency in your loft by not squashing your insulation and helps create valuable storage space.

How much does a Loft Health Check and survey cost?

It’s free in most cases, call our Freephone number to enquire and arrange at your convenience.

Do I need a loft ladder for the surveyor to carry out a survey?

No, the surveyor brings their own (cups of tea are always welcome though)!

Can I get a grant towards the cost?

In some cases yes, The Loft Doctor surveyor will go through all the options at the survey with you.