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How to fit a loft hatch

Whether you have an existing loft hatch that is too small, or you have no loft hatch whatsoever, there may come a time where you want to fit a new loft hatch in your home so that you can easily get in and out of your loft.

Fortunately, for the majority of homes, this is possible! This means that in no time you will have access to your loft and be able to use it as storage or an extra living space.

Loft hatches are one of the loft services that our expert tradesmen offer at The Loft Doctor. Carry on reading to find out more!


Loft hatch sizes

There are a number of standard loft hatch sizes used in the UK, with the most common size being around 562mm x 726mm (22” x 30”).

However, not all homes are built to the same specifications, so you may be forced to choose a smaller loft hatch – or you may be free to choose a large loft hatch should you wish to do so.

In this case, you can commonly find loft hatches at sizes of 450mm x 600mm (17.5” x 23.5”), 562mm x 562mm (22” x 22”), and 686mm x 856mm (27” x 33.5”) at your local trade stores.

Made to measure loft hatches

If your home really is unique, then you may require a made to measure loft hatch.

For example, you may have a large water tank or section of pipes running across where you would like to fit your loft hatch, requiring you to cut your measurements short.

Or, you may have plenty of space and want a larger than average ceiling hatch so that you can easily transport large items into your loft.

Either way, a bespoke solution will be suitable for your needs. At The Loft Doctor, we can advise you on whether or not you will require a made to measure loft hatch and, if so, can source and fit one for you at a competitive price.

Loft hatch installation by The Loft Doctor

Looking for a new loft hatch in the north west? Contact our team at The Loft Doctor and we can book you in for a no-obligation loft health check and fit your loft hatch for you.

We are a team of time-served professionals and have tonnes of experience carrying out loft services. See some of the other services we provide here.

Areas We Serve


We operate all over the North-West, including:
Accrington, Bangor, Beaumaris, Betws-y-Coed, Birkenhead, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Caernarfon, Chester, Chorley, Conwy, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Harlech, Knowsley, Liverpool, Llangollen, Llandudno, Lymm, Macclesfield, Malpas, Manchester, Mold, Nantwich, Neston, Northwich, Ormskirk, Porthmadog, Preston, Ribchester, Rochdale, Runcorn, Saint Asaph, Salford, Southport, Stoke, Wallasey, Warrington, Whitchurch, Widnes, Wirral, Wrexham

What our customers say

“Thank, you The Loft Doctor, great job on time and it’s transformed my storage and I feel I have a new room in the house that’s fully insulated against these crazy energy prices”

Mrs R Taylor, Knutsford Cheshire

 After clearing out my old rubbish and installing the FloorRaise™ system and loft ladder and light its fantastic , we can store things and save money, super job lads thanks.

Mrs P Jones, Preston

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure loft hatch?

You should measure your loft hatch from the landing below your ceiling, where you can then draw an outline of where you loft hatch will ideally fit.
If you have access to your loft already, inspect this outline from inside the loft too so you know you are avoiding ceiling bearers, pipes, or cables. If you do not have access to your loft, then a stud or cable finder can do this job for you from below.
You should account for the end timbers that your loft hatch frame will be fixed to. This means that any existing timbers will need to be cut back further than the opening in the plasterboard rather than sitting flush.

How to make loft hatch bigger?

If you have the space to make your loft hatch bigger, then this is possible by cutting out a new hole to fit a bigger frame.
When enlarging an existing loft hatch, you will likely have to cut through some joists in your loft. It is vital that you seek the help of an experienced tradesman before attempting this yourself, as removing part of your joists can damage the structural integrity of your roof if not performed properly.
Once you have a larger opening, you can install a new frame that fits the larger sized opening and attach your loft hatch from there.

Does heat escape through a loft hatch?

Yes, even if your loft is insulated, heat will rise and escape your home through your loft unless you have an insulated loft hatch.
If you have spent time and money insulating your loft but you have missed out the loft hatch, then your insulation will be less effective and you will lose heat in your home.
For this reason, we recommend that you insulate your loft hatch door and around the frame to minimise draughts.

Should I open my loft hatch in hot weather?

If you want to cool your home in hot weather, then consider opening your loft hatch to allow heat to rise through it and out of your living areas.
While an insulated loft hatch will be beneficial by keeping your home warm in winter, in summer it can contribute to making your home stuffy and too hot.
By opening your loft hatch, you are creating a path to allow warm air to rise through, cooling your home as a result.

Can I have a loft hatch?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself if you want to fit a loft hatch in your home:
Is there enough space in the landing where you want the loft ladder to extend?
Is there enough headspace in the loft above the loft hatch?
Are there any cables or pipes above your new loft hatch frame?
Are any ceiling bearers above your new loft hatch frame?
Our expert loft hatch installers can tell upon an initial inspection whether your desired location would be suitable for a loft hatch, and can quickly fit one in your home provided it is possible without cutting through any support structures.

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Our Process

Thinking of a loft conversion in your home to add more space and value? To help get you started, we take it from the top with pointers on design, planning rules, building regulations and finding the right solutions to undertake your perfect loft conversion.

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01. Design

We understand that people have busy lives and our aim is to make the process of extending your home as hassle free as possible. As part of this drive to deliver a first class service we offer individually tailored designs, along with a fixed price quotation from your approved plans.  

The price we quote is the price you pay. 

02. Professional Build

We aim to work in partnership with our Customers. On their behalf we appoint and liaise with trusted professionals to ensure that the final plans mirror what we have discussed and agreed. We offer complete visibility at all stages of the process and would never commence work without customer sign off.

03. Friendly and Reliable Service

At The Loft Doctor we believe that our service is unparalleled. In a market where trust comes at a premium we strive to deliver a service that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Appointing The Loft Doctor will renew your faith in the personal, quality led service that is sadly lacking across our industry.